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Polyferric Sulphate (PFS)

Polyferric Sulphate (PFS) is a wastewater treatment coagulant that has recently gained popularity for efficiently removing suspended organic waste matter. PFS is an attractive alternative for wastewater management experts due to its potential to revolutionize the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. With flocculation processes during its application, PFS has been known to be a more efficient way of removing suspended organic waste than other methods currently on the market. Vcycletech offers the best quality Polyferric Sulphate (PFS) in china at a competitive price. Inquire now! Packaging Details: 25kg/bag

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Polyferric sulphate (PFS) is a powerful coagulant with the potential to revolutionize wastewater treatment. Using flocculation processes during its application has effectively removed suspended organic waste matter – making it an attractive alternative for wastewater management experts in search of new solutions.


PFS effectively removes suspended organic matter and various other pollutants in both municipal and industrial wastewater. It can also be used to reduce iron, aluminum, and zinc levels that would otherwise be hard to control through traditional treatments. Additionally, polyferric sulphate is a natural polymer with no negative environmental impacts. Its low cost and easy-to-use nature make it ideal for smaller operations such as septic systems or individual households.


PFS can be used in various municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications, such as solids removal, pH adjustment, siltation control, and sludge stabilization. In particular, it removes suspended particles from water, clarifying applications and flocculating heavy metals from industrial effluents. In addition, PFS has also shown to be very useful in the pretreatment of drinking water by improving filter performance and increasing filter capacity.


Index NameTest Data
Drinking WaterIndustrial Water
Molecular FormulaFe2(OH)n(SO4)3-n/2
Total Fe Content%≥0.220.19
Salt Base Degree%8.0-16.0
Reducing Substance Fe2+ content%≤0.1
Water Insoluble Content%≤0.20.3
PH(1% aqueous solution)%≤2.0-3.0
Arsenic(As) Content%≤0.0001-
Lead(Pb) Content%≤0.0005-


1) What are the benefits of using polyferric sulphate?

Answer: The primary benefit of using polyferric sulphate is its ability to remove suspended organic matter from both municipal and industrial wastewater efficiently and effectively. It can also reduce iron, aluminum, and zinc levels that would otherwise be hard to control through traditional treatments while remaining environmentally friendly due to its natural polymer composition. Lastly, its low cost makes it ideal for smaller operations such as septic systems or individual households.

2) Can PFS be used in drinking water pretreatment?

Answer: Yes! Polyferric sulphate has been shown to improve filter performance and capacity when used in drinking water pretreatment applications. This makes it an attractive solution for those who want improved water quality without incurring additional costs associated with more traditional methods.

3) Are there any safety concerns associated with PFS?

Answer: When handled correctly, polyferric sulphate poses no risk to humans or animals alike. It must not, however, be ingested or come into contact with skin or eyes – any accidental contact should be immediately washed away with plenty of clean running water.

4) How long does it take for the effects of PFS to become visible?

Answer: Generally speaking, the effects will become visible after 30 minutes up to 1 hour, depending on the application at hand – however, if necessary, adjustments need to be made, and this time frame may vary accordingly.

5) Is there anything else I should consider when using PFS?

Answer: Yes! When handling polyferric sulphate, always wear protective clothing such as gloves and goggles – and ensure you are working in a well-ventilated area at all times due to potential dust inhalation risks associated with this product type.

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