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Explore Professional Water Treatment Chemicals Suppliers from China

High quality products

High quality product

Our water treatment chemicals have excellent properties and superior performance in various industrial applications.

Technical support

Our team of experts provide comprehensive technical support for buyers to ensure smooth integration of our products into their operations.

Competitive prices

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices for our water treatment chemical products.

Experienced staff

Experienced staff

Our team has decades of combined experience in the water treatment industry to help customers find the best solutions for their needs.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

All our products are subjected to strict quality control processes to ensure they meet the highest standards and deliver maximum performance efficiency with minimal environmental impacts.

Reliable delivery service

Reliable delivery service

We guarantee reliable and prompt delivery of our products, ensuring that buyers receive their orders on time.

Explore Vcycletech's Water Treatment Chemicals

  • WT-607 Scale Inhibitor for Oilfield Refill Water

    WT-607 Scale Inhibitor for Oilfield Refill Water

    WT-607 Scale Inhibitor for Oilfield Refill Water is a high-quality product that helps to prevent scale formation in oilfield refill water systems. It has a unique combination of organophosphorus acid, special surfactant, and synergistic agents, making it an efficient chelator for calcium carbonate, sulfates, and phosphates. WT-607 is also stable even in oil refineries and has a low dosage requirement.

  • WT-682 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for low hardness water

    WT-682 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Low Hardness Water

    If you're looking for an innovative and effective scale and corrosion inhibitor for low-hardness water, look no further than WT-682. This product is designed specifically for waters with low calcium and magnesium ions levels. It employs surfactant, dispersants, and corrosion-inhibiting technology that has been proven successful through rigorous experimentation. With WT-682, you can be sure your softening system is well protected against scale build-up and corrosion damage. Give it a try today!

  • Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed Circulating System

    Corrosion Inhibitor For Closed Circulating System

    Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed Circulating System for Water Treatment Chemicals helps to protect metal surfaces in contact with water, wastewater, or process fluids. It is a concentrated liquid product that forms a protective film on the metal surface and protects it from corrosion. The inhibitor can be used in closed circulating systems such as cooling towers, boilers, condensers, and heat exchangers. It is also effective in open systems such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. The inhibitor is available from china in bulk quantities for companies...

  • WT-658 Scale And Corrosion Inhibitor for High Hardness Water

    WT-658 Scale And Corrosion Inhibitor for High Hardness Water

    WT-658 Scale And Corrosion Inhibitor for High Hardness Water is a high-quality product that offers powerful protection and enhanced performance for circulatory cooling systems, even in challenging environments. With organophosphine acid, polycarboxylic acid, sulfosalt copolymers corrosion inhibitor, and special surfactants included as components, it guarantees dependable operation under high concentration index conditions. This superior product is an excellent choice for users who need to protect their equipment from scale build-up and corrosion. Order now to enjoy our unbeatable prices and excellent customer service!

  • WT-628 scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

    WT-628 scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

    The WT-628 scale and corrosion inhibitor is the perfect solution for industrial environments with high concentration index requirements. It effectively chelates and disperses calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate scales, while also having a strong scale inhibition effect on steel & iron, or copper. This product is an excellent choice for use in power plants, chemical plants, or central air conditioners. vcycletech is a reliable supplier of WT-628 scale and corrosion inhibitors in bulk. We have many years of experience in this field and are dedicated...

  • WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning agent

    WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent

    WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning agent for Water Treatment Chemicals is the best choice for chemical water treatment. As an organically developed product,  It is extremely effective at removing bacteria, fungi, and algae from water supplies. Long-lasting and non-toxic, this chemical creates an optimal environment to support clean and safe consumption of your water. WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning agent for Water Treatment Chemicals is a powerful and effective cleaning agent that can be used to clean water treatment chemicals. It is made of high-quality materials and is safe...

  • WT-619B Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

    WT-619B Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

    The WT-619B Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor is a high-quality product with superior corrosion inhibition performance. It can withstand regular use without degradation, and its combination of ingredients forms an effective protection membrane on metal surfaces. This solution is ideal for use in industries where scale and corrosion are major problems. Thanks to its temperature variation resistance, it can be used in various settings with consistent results. Order now and enjoy the long-lasting scale and corrosion inhibition for your business!

  • WT-610 Scale Inhibitor for Dusty Water

    WT-610 Scale Inhibitor for Dusty Water

    If you are looking for a scale inhibitor to help reduce dust in your water system, look no further than WT-610! This copolymer formula comprises organophosphine acid, polycarboxylic acid, and sulfosalt elements, which create an effective chelating agent. The particles dispersed within the water system will distort crystals and lead to a consistently clean environment. Not only that, but WT-610 can also assist with reducing dust levels in your business operation. Give it a try today!

  • WT-607 Scale Inhibitor for Oilfield Refill Water

    WT-607 Scale Inhibitor for Oilfield Refill Water

    WT-607 is a scale inhibitor for oilfield refill water, specifically designed for water treatment chemicals. It is built with organophosphoric acid, special surfactant and synergistic agents that can chelate with Ca2+ and Mg2+. This makes WT-607 an effective chelating agent that prevents scale formation in pipelines. It also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, alkaline tolerance, salt tolerance and good compatibility with other additives. WT-607 is a reliable choice for oilfield refill water systems and other industrial applications.

  • WT-607B Scale Inhibitor for Barium and Strontium

    WT-607B Scale Inhibitor for Barium and Strontium

    WT-607B Scale Inhibitor for Barium and Strontium is designed to maintain equilibrium Ba2+ and Sr2+ in water systems. By inhibiting the formation of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and magnesium sulfates scales, this product helps to preserve our natural resources while maintaining system efficiency. WT-607B is a valuable tool for ensuring sustainability in today`s world and is highly effective in both oilfield refill water systems and industrial cooling systems.

About us

Vcycletech Co., Limited has been dedicated to research and development and enhancing its manufacturing technologies for eco-friendly water treatment chemicals for over a decade. This effort has enabled the company to secure multiple self-owned intellectual property rights and continuously refine its large-scale, intelligent manufacturing processes.

Vcycletech Co., Limited currently operates more than 10 automated workshops to manufacture hundreds of different types of chemicals, with an overall capacity of 300,000 tons or more. On top of having an adequate supply for the water treatment industry, its products are also used in various other sectors, including oilfields, detergents, textile & dyeing, paper-making, electronic cleaning, and others.

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Vcycletech is the premier supplier of industrial water treatment chemicals. Our products are designed to effectively manage a wide range of water-related problems, from odor and scale formation to heavy metals and chemical contamination. Our team works with each customer to determine the best solutions, considering budget constraints and timeline pressures. We offer competitive prices on our products and provide a fast turnaround time for delivery. Additionally, our experienced technicians provide top-notch service and can be relied upon for any questions you may have about your industrial water treatment applications.

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Our Experience

Our experience as a water treatment chemicals supplier has been enriching. We have been in the business for over 10 years, providing customers with high-quality, reliable products and services. Our team is committed to offering solutions that are tailored to each customer’s specific needs while striving to find the best answers possible. With our knowledgeable staff and experienced personnel, we can provide quick response times and accurate results. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that all our products meet safety regulations and standards. We also strive to keep up with the latest technology so our customers can be assured they are getting the highest quality product available.

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Water Treatment Chemicals Fields of Application

There are a variety of water treatment chemicals available for different applications. Algaecides control algae growth in ponds and lakes, while antifoams help prevent foam formation during wastewater treatment. Biocides can kill bacteria and other microorganisms in drinking water supplies. Boiler water chemicals are used to protect boilers from corrosion and scale buildup. Coagulants help remove suspended solids from wastewater, while corrosion inhibitors protect metal surfaces from rusting or corroding. Disinfectants can be added to drinking water supplies to kill harmful pathogens that may cause disease. Finally, defoamers reduce foam formation during industrial processes such as papermaking or food processing.

Water Treatment Chemicals Fields of Application

When selecting a water treatment chemical for a specific application, it is important to consider the type of contaminant being removed, the pH level of the water, and the desired outcome of the process.

Main Application Areas

Oil field, detergent, textile printing and dyeing, paper making, electronic cleaning, and other areas.

Industrial Water Treatment

Water Treatment



Oil field

Oil field

industry Paper Making

Paper Making

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Vcycletech has been an incredible partner for our water treatment needs. Their chemicals are of outstanding quality, and the customer service team is always responsive and helpful. We highly recommend Vcycletech as a reliable supplier of water treatment chemicals!
Aikin Ward

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