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WT-610 Scale Inhibitor for Dusty Water

If you are looking for a scale inhibitor to help reduce dust in your water system, look no further than WT-610! This copolymer formula comprises organophosphine acid, polycarboxylic acid, and sulfosalt elements, which create an effective chelating agent. The particles dispersed within the water system will distort crystals and lead to a consistently clean environment. Not only that, but WT-610 can also assist with reducing dust levels in your business operation. Give it a try today!

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WT-610 is an advanced copolymer formula specially formulated to reduce dust in water systems. It effectively disperses particles throughout the water system, ensuring optimal crystal distortion properties and a clean environment. Learn more about this powerful scale inhibitor’s features, applications, and FAQs.


The most remarkable feature of WT-610 is its powerful chelating abilities. This allows it to disperse within the water system much more efficiently than traditional formulas, leading to better dust reduction results. Additionally, WT-610 has excellent corrosion protection capabilities and is approved for use in potable water systems – making it perfect for various industrial applications.


WT-610 is used in many industries; some of the most common applications include cooling towers, boilers, and industrial processes such as oil refining and paper production. It can also be used in various commercial and domestic settings to control calcium carbonate deposits’ build–up, helping keep pipes clean and working optimally over time.


AppearanceAmber transparent liquid
Solid content,%40.0 min
Total phosphoric acid,(as PO43-)%25.0 min
pH,(1%water solution)2.0±0.5
Density(20℃) , g/cm31.20 min


Q: What makes WT-610 different from other scale inhibitors?

A: The main difference between WT-610 and other scale inhibitors lies in its unique copolymer formula. This combination of organophosphine acid, polycarboxylic acid, and sulfosalt elements offers superior chelating abilities compared to traditional formulas – allowing it to disperse within water systems much more effectively while providing excellent dust reduction benefits.

Q: Is WT-610 safe for use with potable water?

A: Absolutely! WT-610 has received approval from NSF International for use in potable water systems. You can rest assured knowing your water will remain safe after treatment with this advanced scale inhibitor.

Q: How often should I use WT-610?

A: Generally speaking, you should use WT-610 every 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how heavily your system is used; however, we recommend consulting with a professional if you’re unsure about the exact usage requirements for your specific situation.

Q: What are some signs that my system needs treatment with WT-610?

A: If you notice dust or mineral deposits forming around fixtures or appliances connected to your system – like toilets or dishwashers – it may be time to apply a dose of WT-610. Additionally, if equipment connected to your system seems to be running slower than usual or if an unpleasant odor emanates from taps or pipes, these could indicate that a scale inhibitor treatment is needed.

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