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WT-604 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Power Plant

WT-604 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor is a blend of chemicals that work together to protect your equipment from corrosion and scale buildup. This inhibitor is designed for use in circulating cool water systems in power plants, chemical plants, and petrochemical facilities. It is effective at dispersing calcium carbonate, sulfate, and phosphate scalers while also providing scale inhibition on steel and iron surfaces. With WT-604 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor, you can keep your industrial equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

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The WT-604 scale and corrosion inhibitor offer optimal protection for circulating cooling water systems in various industries, including power plants. This powerful inhibitor features a special blend of organophosphorus and polycarboxylic acid to chelate. It disperses calcium carbonate, sulfate, and phosphate scalers while exhibiting good scale inhibition on steel & iron plus copper surfaces.


WT-604 is specifically designed to protect against the accumulation of mineral deposits in circulating cooling water systems. It works by preventing the precipitation of minerals on pipes, exchangers, boilers, tanks, heat transfer surfaces, etc., thus avoiding scale formation. Additionally, it helps prevent corrosion due to its unique blend of organophosphorus acid and polycarboxylic acid compounds that can chelate insoluble ions (e.g., calcium carbonate) that would otherwise lead to scaling or corrosion. Other benefits include improved heat transfer efficiency and life expectancy for equipment components.


WT-604 is designed for use in power plants where it can provide effective protection against scaling deposits caused by calcium carbonate, sulfates, phosphates, or other minerals in the system water. It is also suitable for applications in other industries, such as chemical plants or petrochemical facilities, with similar problems with mineral scaling or corrosive attacks on equipment components.


AppearanceBrown transparent liquid
Thiazole(C6H5N3)%1.0 min
Total phosphoric acid (as PO43-)%20 max
Phosphorous acid(as PO33-)%1.0 max
phosphoric acid (as PO43-)%0.5 max
Solid content %32.0 min
PH(1% water solution)3.0±1.5
Density 20℃(g/cm3)1.15 min


Q1: What makes WT-604 so effective?

A1: WT-604 combines organophosphorus acid and polycarboxylic acid compounds, which can effectively chelate insoluble ions such as calcium carbonate before accumulating into deposits that cause scaling or lead to corrosion. This helps maintain efficient heat transfer throughout the system and improves component life expectancy.

Q2: What industries does it work best for?

A2: The primary application for WP-604 is to protect mineral deposits in power plants; however, it can be successfully used in any industry dealing with circulation cooling systems, such as chemical plants or petrochemical facilities where there are problems with either mineral scaling or corrosive attack.

Q3: Does it have any other benefits?

A3: Yes! The major benefit supplied by WT-604 is high-performance anti-scaling & anti-corrosive properties; however, it also improves heat transfer efficiency throughout the system while at the same time increasing component life expectancy through better protection from scale deposition & corrosive attack – both common problems associated with the use of circulating coolant systems in industrial settings.

Q4: Are there any safety concerns related to using this product?

A4: As with all chemical products should be handled with care – following strict safety guidelines provided by your supplier should always be adhered to when handling WP-604 (or similar products). Protective clothing should always be worn when handling chemicals – gloves, eyewear, etc. – and appropriate ventilation must also be implemented during the use/application process!

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