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Sodium Salt of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole (BTA•Na)

Sodium Salt of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole (BTA•Na) is an important product in many industrial applications. It is a white crystalline powder that is soluble in water and alcohol. BTA•Na has a wide range of applications in industries such as textiles, printing and dyeing, papermaking, leather tanning, electroplating, and pharmaceuticals. This product is offered by a china manufacturer at a very competitive price. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of Sodium Salt of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole (BTA•Na), please contact us for more information.

Product Description

CAS No. 15217-42-2
Molecular formula: C6H4N3Na Molecular Weight: 141.11

AppearancePale yellow to yellow transparent liquid
Solid content %50.0 min
Density (20℃) g/cm31.20 min

BTA•Na Properties:

BTA•Na is an effective corrosion inhibitor that can be used in a variety of applications, including coating and lube oil additives. When applied to metal surfaces, it forms a thin film that helps protect copper and other metals from oxidation and discoloration. Furthermore, it has proven to work well as a scale inhibitor and fungus disinfectant in circulating cool water systems, with a recommended dosage of 2-4mg/L. Finally, its non-corrosive and non-toxic properties make this chemical particularly safe for various industrial processes.

BTA•Na Usage:

BTA•Na is a versatile anticorrosive chemical used to protect metals from oxidation and discoloration. It can form covalent and coordinate-covalent linkages with metals, preventing attack by corrosive agents. It has numerous applications such as metalworking, art restoration, the construction industry, corrosion inhibitor in water cooling systems, dry cleaning equipment, synthetic greases and lubricants, hydraulic fluids, electrolytic processing, and photographic emulsions. Additionally, it is also used to treat packing materials for copper electronic parts and to extend the life of polymers used as insulators for copper wire.

Package and Storage:

BTA•Na should be packed in tight containers that are resistant to moisture, oxidation, and other environmental conditions. It must be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area to prevent contamination and increase its shelf life. Transportation and handling should be done according to good industrial practices for hazardous chemicals. Professionals must take every precaution necessary to ensure safe transportation, handling, and storage of BTA•Na. 200L plastic drum, IBC(1000L), customers’ requirement. Storage for six months in a shady room and dry place.


BTA•Na;1,2,3-Triazaindene; sodium salt of 1,2,3-Benzotrialole;1,2-Aminoazophenylene

Faqs about Sodium Salt of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole (BTA•Na):

What is Sodium Salt of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole (BTA•Na)?
Sodium salt of 1,2,3-benzotriazole (BTA•Na) is a white, crystalline solid that is soluble in water. It is used as a corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor in boiler and cooling water systems.

What are the benefits of using Sodium Salt of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole (BTA•Na)?
Sodium salt of 1,2,3-benzotriazole (BTA•Na) provides excellent corrosion inhibition and scale control in boiler and cooling water systems. It is also compatible with most other chemicals used in these systems.

What are the potential risks associated with using Sodium Salt of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole (BTA•Na)?
The potential risks associated with using sodium salt of 1,2,3-benzotriazole (BTA•Na) are minimal. However, as with any chemical product, it is always advisable to follow all safety precautions when handling and using this product.

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