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WT-682 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Low Hardness Water

If you're looking for an innovative and effective scale and corrosion inhibitor for low-hardness water, look no further than WT-682. This product is designed specifically for waters with low calcium and magnesium ions levels. It employs surfactant, dispersants, and corrosion-inhibiting technology that has been proven successful through rigorous experimentation. With WT-682, you can be sure your softening system is well protected against scale build-up and corrosion damage. Give it a try today!

Product Description


WT-682 is a revolutionary scale and corrosion inhibitor designed to protect low-hardness waters like softened water. Unlike other inhibitors, this greenish solution protects with little Ca2+ or Mg2+ ions by using metal polarization. This advanced formulation has already been tested extensively, resulting in an effective and reliable product available to the industry of cool media solutions.


WT-682 combines surfactants, dispersants, and corrosion-inhibiting technology to ensure maximum performance and protection for low-hardness water systems. Its unique polarizing process creates a barrier between metals and water molecules, preventing scale build-up and minimizing tedious cleaning. Additionally, it works quickly, efficiently, and without long-term environmental damage while also being harmless to applications downstream.


WT-682 is ideal for use in any industrial cooling system with low-hardness waters. It can be used in various industries, such as power plants, steel mills, paper mills, chemical plants, oil refineries, etc. Additionally, it is highly recommended for softening systems since its unique polarizing process creates an additional layer of protection between metals and water molecules – providing extra security from scaling or rusting.

Usage & Package, and Storage:

WT-682, our innovative solution for water treatment needs, should be added daily to the plastic pool or box and diluted with water. We recommend an optimal dosage between 30 ppm – 70 ppm to maximize effectiveness. Available packaging includes 200L drums and IBCs of up to 1000L capacity – we’ll work within your requirements. For lasting results, store this product in a dark room for over ten months; keep it out of direct sunlight or humid environments for the best results!


Appearanceyellow transparent liquid
Solid content,%30.0 min
pH,(1%water solution)3.0±1.5
Density(20℃) , g/cm31.20 min


Q1: What type of product is WT-682?

A1: WT-682 is a scale inhibitor specifically formulated for low-hardness waters such as softened water.

Q2: How does WT-682 work?

A2: The product uses metal polarization to create a barrier between metals and water molecules so that scales cannot form on surfaces or inside pipes.

Q3: What industries can benefit from using WT-682?

A3: Any industry with cooling systems that utilize low-hardness waters can benefit from this product, including power plants, steel mills, paper mills, chemical plants, and oil refineries.

Q4: Is there any environmental risk associated with using this product?

A4: No -WT 682 has been proven safe for use in both freshwater environments and wastewater treatment systems without causing any long-term harm to the environment.

Q5: Does this product have a warranty?

A5: Yes – Manufacturer’s warranties typically include coverage against defects in material or artistry that could cause problems during the equipment operation or system covered by the warranty.

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