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3-Methoxypropylamine(MOPA) is a colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor. It is miscible with water and most organic solvents. 3-Methoxypropylamine(MOPA) is used as an intermediate in the production of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other organic chemicals. We are one of the largest suppliers of 3-Methoxypropylamine(MOPA) in China. Our product is of high quality and competitive price. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Product Description

CAS No. 5332-73-0

Molecular Formula:C4H11NO

Molecular weight: 89.14


AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Purity, %99.5 min
Color (APHA)30.0 max
Moisture, %0.3 max

Properties :

3-Methoxypropylamine (MOPA) is a strong base and efficient reagent suitable for use in the water treatment industry. It is an organic compound with high alkalinity, low volatility, and low biodegradability. In addition, it has good miscibility in many solvents and can be used as a pH buffer. MOPA is also known for its excellent corrosion inhibition properties, making it suitable for preventing metal corrosion due to contact with harsh water systems.

MOPA is a clear, colorless to faintly colored liquid with an ammonia-like odor. It is a primary amine with various properties and has good miscibility in water, ethanol, toluene, acetone, hexane, and other standard solvents.


MOPA  can be used for various applications in the water treatment industry. It is a strong base and efficient reagent suitable for synthesizing dispersed dye 60# Blue, antistatic agents, surfactants, and other products. As a corrosion inhibitor, MOPA can be used in steam boilers to protect condensate sections from acid corrosion caused by carbon dioxide.

Additionally, it can also be used as a wetting agent, cereal protectant, and catalyst in the production of polyurethane foam and epoxy resin. Lastly, it is an advanced organic solvent with uses ranging from pharmaceutical intermediates to petroleum anti-corrosion agents and cleaning agents.

Package and Storage:

3-Methoxypropylamine (MOPA) can be stored in sealed, airtight containers in a cool, dry place. If it’s subject to long exposure to sunlight or high temperatures, it should be stored in insulated containers. MOPA is typically packed in drums and should always be handled with protective equipment such as gloves, eye protection, and masks. Appropriate ventilation should also be used to reduce the risk from its vapors.MOPA is packed in 170kg/drum.

Faqs about 3-Methoxypropylamine (MOPA):

What is 3-Methoxypropylamine (MOPA)?
3-Methoxypropylamine (MOPA) is an organic compound, more specifically an amine, used as an intermediate in synthesizing pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. It has a variety of industrial applications, including its use as a water treatment chemical to reduce corrosion and scale formation in boilers and cooling towers. MOPA is also used to control the pH levels of certain solutions to prevent reactions from occurring or to improve their efficiency.

What are the benefits of using MOPA for water treatment?
Using MOPA for water treatment has several benefits. It helps reduce corrosion and scale buildup in boilers and cooling towers, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings over time. MOPA can also be used to control pH levels to prevent unwanted reactions or enhance their effectiveness. Additionally, it has proven to be a reliable and safe chemical for water treatment systems due to its low toxicity level and minimal environmental impact.

How does MOPA interact with other water treatment chemicals?
When used correctly with correct dosing and monitoring, MOPA can be used effectively with other water treatment chemicals such as biocides, scale inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, surfactants, and more. Its ability to adjust pH levels makes it particularly useful when combined with other active agents that might have difficulty performing at extreme pH levels. It should be noted, however, that improper mixing or incorrect dosage of any combination of chemicals could lead to undesirable results, such as decreased performance or even hazardous conditions within the system being treated with them.

Are there any maintenance requirements when using MOPA for water treatments?
When using MOPA for any water treatment, several maintenance requirements must be followed to ensure optimal performance of the system being treated with it. These include regular testing of various parameters like alkalinity, calcium hardness, or chlorine content depending on the application; monitoring dosing levels; adjusting them accordingly; and cleaning out any contaminated filters if needed regularly. Proper maintenance also includes periodically inspecting equipment components like pipes or pumps for signs of wear or damage that could interfere with proper functioning over time if not appropriately addressed right away.

Are there any safety concerns related to using MOPA?
When handled correctly according to safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer, there are no major safety concerns related directly to using MOPA for water treatments since it has low toxicity levels and minimal environmental impact when compared with other chemicals commonly used in this application. However, all workers should still take proper precautions, such as wearing protective clothing while handling it anyway, since some people might suffer from skin irritation if they come into direct contact with this substance even at deficient concentrations due to its potential irritant properties if not handled carefully during application processes either through inhalation or ingestion.

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