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Morpholine is a popular water treatment chemical that is used for a variety of applications. It is a cyclic amine compound with the molecular formula C4H9NO and can be used as an effective corrosion inhibitor and disinfectant. Morpholine is commonly used in industrial cooling systems, boiler systems, and other water-based applications. The chemical structure of morpholine makes it highly effective at preventing corrosion, deposits, and scale formation, making it an ideal choice for water treatment. In addition to its many benefits in terms of corrosion control and disinfection, morpholine has also been proven to be very safe when used as directed according to manufacturer instructions. The chemical does not pose any health risks when appropriately handled and no known environmental impacts are associated with its use in water treatment systems.

Product Description

Molecular formula: C4H9NO

Molecular weight:87.12

CAS NO.: 110-91-8 EINECS 203-815-1

Molecular Structure:



Activie content:99%
Density:0.999 g/ml
Melting pointMelting point:-4.9℃
Boiling point:128℃
Flammable temperature:310℃
Flash point:35℃
Danger class:8 (corrosive liquid)
Chroma (platinum-cobalt )≦ 15
Boiling range℃126-130


Morpholine is an important industrial chemical with numerous uses, including as a rubber accelerant for NOBS, OTOS, and MDS; sulfuration agent (DT-DM); cleanser; descaling and antirust agent; anti-scorching agent; antiseptic; surfactant; textile printing and dyeing agent; optical bleaching agent; chemical plating bath additive; antioxidant; hydrolyzing agent; fruit preserving agent; deodorizer, brightener, and organic solvent. It is widely used in medicine, pesticide production, animal medicine, petroleum refining, and coke aromatic hydrocarbon manufacturing.

Morpholine is mainly utilized abroad as an antirust, descaler, and metal cleaner – particularly when high temperatures are involved. In the boiler maintenance industry, it is also primarily used as a descaling agent. Its unique chemical properties have made it of great value in fine petroleum chemistry.


1-Oxa-4-azacyclohexane ; Tetrahydro-2H-1,4-oxazine


Q1:What is morpholine used for in water treatment chemicals?
Morpholine is an organic compound commonly used as an ingredient in water treatment chemicals due to its ability to act as a corrosion and scale inhibitor, improve foam control, and prevent microbial growth. It works by binding with metal ions in the water, helping to keep them from forming deposits on surfaces and pipes, which can reduce efficiency and increase energy costs. Morpholine is also effective at controlling bacteria growth, which helps keep clean water supplies free from contamination.

Q2:Are there any health risks associated with using morpholine for water treatment?
Generally speaking, morpholine does not pose a significant health risk when used properly for treating water. However, it should be noted that ingesting high concentrations of the chemical could cause irritation to the skin, eyes, or respiratory tract if contact occurs. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that any application of morpholine is made according to manufacturers’ instructions and with proper safety precautions in place.

Q3:How long does morpholine remain active in treated water?
The exact amount of time morpholine remains active in treated water will vary depending on environmental factors such as temperature and pH levels. Generally speaking. However, research has found that it can remain active for up to four weeks or longer when applied at recommended rates.

Q4:Is there any evidence supporting the use of morpholine for treating drinking water?
Yet – various studies have found that morpholine can be effective at controlling microbial growth when used correctly for treating drinking water supplies. For example, one study found that it reduced E-Coli counts by 99% within 24 hours of being added to a contaminated source of drinking water supplied by wells.

Q5:Are there any alternatives to using morpholine for treating water?
Yes – several other organic compounds are commonly used as alternatives to morpholine for treating industrial and domestic sources of drinking water, including glutaraldehyde, citric acid, and orthophosphate-based compounds such as polyphosphates and phosphonates.

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