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Acrylic Acid Maleic Acid Copolymer(MA/AA)

Acrylic Acid Maleic Acid Copolymer (MA/AA) is a low molecular weight polyelectrolyte prepared by copolymerization of maleic acid and acrylic acid. It has a pH of 1.5 and provides excellent benefits to cleaning product formulations, including anti-precipitation, detergent polymer for households, and laundry II formulations. MA/AA has a molecular weight of 564.40 and is available in a 50 wt. % solution in water. It can be used to study pesticide composition containing spirotetramat and emamectin benzoate. MA/AA is specifically designed as a co-builder and antiscalant for effectiveness in alkaline pH hypochlorite solutions, making it an ideal choice for many industrial applications.

Product Description

CAS No. 26677-99-6

Structural Formula:

Acrylic Acid Maleic Acid Copolymer(MA/AA) Structural Formula

Acrylic Acid Maleic Acid Copolymer Properties:

Copolymer of Maleic and Acrylic Acid is a low molecular weight polyelectrolyte that offers outstanding dispersant performance against carbonate and excellent scale inhibition for phosphate. This copolymer has remarkable thermal stability, allowing it to be used in harsh environments with temperatures up to 300℃. Furthermore, its compatibility with other agents opens up more possibilities for its use.

Due to these properties, the Copolymer of Maleic and Acrylic Acid is widely used in low-pressure boilers, centralized heating systems, centralized air-conditioners, and circulating cool systems. In addition, this copolymer can also be utilized as a chelating dispersant in the weaving and dyeing industries.


AppearanceUmber transparent liquid
Solid content %48.0 min
Free monomer (as MA) %5.0 max
Density (20℃) g/cm31.20 min
pH(1% water  solution)2.0~3.0

MA/AA Usage:

Copolymer of Maleic and Acrylic Acid is an effective choice for circulating cool water systems, medium or lower pressure boilers, and distillation systems that often experience high temperatures. It can be used on its own or in combination with other organic phosphates to improve performance, with a recommended dosage of 2-10mg/L. Its efficacy as a woven & dyeing and accessory detergent should be determined by experiments to maximize results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic Acid Maleic Acid Copolymer(MA/AA)

What is MA/AA?

MA/AA is a copolymer of acrylic acid and maleic acid. It is a white, free-flowing powder that is soluble in water and has a neutral pH.

What are the benefits of MA/AA?

MA/AA provides several benefits, including:
Excellent film-forming properties
Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
Good moisture resistance
Good UV resistance
Good chemical resistance

What are the applications of MA/AA?

MA/AA can be used in a variety of applications, including:
Asphalt modification

What are the limitations of MA/AA?

MA/AA has a number of limitations, including:
Poor heat resistance
Poor solubility in organic solvents
Sensitivity to hydrolysis

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