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WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent

WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning agent for Water Treatment Chemicals is the best choice for chemical water treatment. As an organically developed product,  It is extremely effective at removing bacteria, fungi, and algae from water supplies. Long-lasting and non-toxic, this chemical creates an optimal environment to support clean and safe consumption of your water. WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning agent for Water Treatment Chemicals is a powerful and effective cleaning agent that can be used to clean water treatment chemicals. It is made of high-quality materials and is safe and easy to use. Companies looking for a reliable and affordable source of WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning agent for Water Treatment Chemicals can buy from us in bulk at wholesale prices.

Product Description


WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning agent is a powerful and effective deoiling detergent crafted from chelating, detergent, dispersant, and pretreatment filming agent compounds. With its fast cleaning speed, quick filming capability, film homogeneity, and low corrosion ratio, this product is designed to be used in the nonstop cleaning of circulated water systems without any risk of being affected by ferric or copper ions during the pretreatment filming process.


AppearanceAmber liquid
Solid content, %40.0 min
Total phosphoric acid acid (asPO43-), %20.0 min
pH(1% water solution)2.0±1.0
Density (20℃), g/cm31.25±0.1


WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent is designed for use in industrial circulating water systems. This powerful deoiling detergent can be used to remove oil build-up and contamination from the system without any risk or damage. Simply consult an engineer for further instructions to determine the best dosage for your specific application, and once applied, it can be used to provide effective nonstop cleaning of the circulating water system.

Package and Storage:

WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent is best stored in a dry, cool, and ventilated space away from direct sunlight. The chemical should be stored in properly sealed containers to avoid contamination and ensure optimal shelf life. When using this product, please refer to the instructions on the packaging for correct use. Make sure to handle the product with care and do not mix it with other chemical compounds, as this could potentially result in hazardous reactions. 200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L),customers’ requirement. Storage for one year in a shady room and dry place.


Q:What is WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent?
WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent is a water treatment chemical designed for industrial and commercial use. It is a highly concentrated, non-toxic formula that removes organic contaminants from water, including oil, grease, silt, suspended solids, and other compounds that can interfere with the quality of water. It also reduces bad taste and odors in water, making it suitable for drinking water applications.

Q:How does WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent work?
WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent works by breaking down organic molecules into smaller particles which can then be filtered out of the water or naturally dispersed in the environment. The formula contains surfactants that help disperse contaminants so they are easier to remove. Additionally, it contains polymers that bind to microorganisms helping to reduce their number and prevent fouling of pipes and equipment.

Q:What are the benefits of using WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent?
The main benefit of using WT-701 Nonstop Cleaning Agent is that it helps improve the quality of water for industrial and commercial use by reducing bad tastes and odors as well as eliminating potentially harmful contaminants such as oil and grease. Additionally, its non-toxic formula makes it suitable for drinking water applications with no adverse effects on humans or the environment.

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