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Polydadmac, or polyDADMAC, is a high-molecular-weight cationic homopolymer. This polymer is composed mainly of diallyldimethylammonium chloride and is typically available as a concentrated liquid with solid concentrations between 10% and 50%. It can be relied on to meet the needs of any industry thanks to its versatility! Polydadmac is used in a variety of industrial applications, such as flocculation, and is easily accessible in the form of a hydrate. Thanks to its many benefits, polyDADMAC is an essential product for any business!

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PolyDADMAC is an essential cationic homopolymer composed mainly of diallyldimethylammonium chloride, used in various industrial applications. This high-molecular-weight polymer typically comes as a concentrated liquid with solid concentrations between 10% and 50%, making it a highly versatile and accessible product for all industries.


When it comes to features, PolyDADMAC certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has an excellent ability to flocculate, meaning it can help separate particles from liquids. In addition, the product is easy to handle due to its hydrate form, making it efficient and reliable to use in any task or job. Furthermore, PolyDADMAC can withstand different temperatures and pH levels, making it adaptable to various conditions that may be present in different projects. Finally, the polymer is non-toxic and safe for humans, animals, and plants.


Given its properties, PolyDADMAC can be used in many areas of industry, such as water treatment applications, laundry detergents, and emulsion stabilization systems. In water treatment applications, the polymer forms large flocks, which help settle out dirt particles extracted from suspension within the water. In laundry detergents specifically, PolyDADMAC can help improve fabric softness while also providing antistatic protection – both highly desirable qualities in clothing items today.

Finally, when it comes to emulsion stabilization systems such as hair care products like shampoos or other similar items on the market today -PolyDADMAC helps prevent these products from separating into their components (e.. oil & water). This ensures that customers receive a complete product every time they purchase one!


AppearanceColorless or Light-Clolor Sticky Liquid
Dynamic Viscosity(mpa.s,20℃)500-300000
pH value(1% water solution)3.0-8.0
Solid Content % ≥20-50%
Shelf LifeOne year
Note: our product can be made upon your special request.

Frequently Asked Questions about PolyDADMAC

1) What type of chemical compound is PolyDADMAC?

PolyDADMC is a cationic homopolymer composed mainly of diallyldimethylammonium chloride (a quaternary ammonium salt).

2) How does polydadmac work?

It works by forming large flocs which settle out dirt particles from suspension within liquids such as water or other cleaning solutions used in detergents or hair care products like shampoos. This polymer can also provide antistatic protection when used in laundry detergents.

3) Is polydadmac safe?

Yes! It has been tested rigorously for safety measures and found non-toxic for use around humans, animals, and plants alike.

4) Is polydadmac available in solid form?

Yes! It typically comes as a concentrated liquid with solid concentrations between 10% and 50%.

5) Are there any other uses for polydadmac?

Yes! In addition to being useful for tasks such as flocculation and emulsion stability systems mentioned previously – this versatile product can also be utilized in paint additives and paper production sectors!

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