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WT-150 Antiscalant and Dispersant for RO Membrane

If you`re looking for an antiscalant and dispersant that is incredibly efficient and reliable, look no further than WT-150! This product can improve the quality of water in reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) or ultrafiltration systems while inhibiting mineral deposits from forming on membrane surfaces. In addition, WT-150 can also be used with organic flocculants for drinking water systems as well as providing protection against calcium carbonate, sulfates and strontium scales - even when LSI values are high up to 3.0! So if you`re looking for a product that will keep your RO, NF or ultrafiltration membranes clean and functioning at their best, WT-150 is a perfect choice.

Product Description


WT-150 is an advanced antiscalant and dispersant for reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, offering superior protection against mineral scale formation and corrosion. This remarkable product provides excellent performance across a wide range of pH, from 5-9, without dilution or additional pretreatment. Even in high LSI values, it is highly effective against calcium carbonate, sulfates, and strontium scales. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for organic flocculants in drinking water systems and improves resistance to ferric and aluminium oxide deposits.


WT-150 has several key features, making it an ideal solution to protect RO membranes from mineral scale formation and corrosion. These include:
• High efficiency – The product prevents scale build-up on membrane surfaces when LSI values are as high as 3.0!
• Wide pH range – The product works over a large range of pH levels (5-9), eliminating the need for additional dilution or pretreatment.
• Versatility – WT-150 can be used in drinking water systems with organic flocculants and non-organic agents. It also enhances resistance to aluminium oxide and ferric oxide deposits.
• Reliability – This exceptional product provides reliable protection against calcium carbonate, sulfates, and strontium scales without fail!


WT-150 is suitable for various applications, including industrial process water treatment, wastewater treatment, and cooling water systems, where it provides excellent scale inhibition performance with minimal dosing concentration requirements. Additionally, the product can improve drinking water quality by eliminating the need for organic flocculants in RO systems.


Items Index
Appearance Amber transparent liquid
pH (1% water solution) 2.0±1.0
Density (20℃), g/cm3 1.10 min


Q1: What is WT-150?

WT-150 is an advanced antiscalant/dispersant designed specifically for reverse osmosis membranes, which effectively prevents mineral scale formation while also providing increased resistance towards ferric oxide and aluminium oxide deposits.

Q2: What kind of protection does it offer?

WT-150 protects RO membranes from calcium carbonate, sulfates, strontium scales, aluminium oxide, and ferric oxide deposits with highly efficient performance even at high LSI values (up to 3).

Q3: Is there any additional pretreatment necessary?

No! The product works across a wide pH range between 5-9 without dilution or pretreatment!

Q4: What are its applications?

Its main applications include industrial process water treatment; wastewater treatment; cooling system treatments; drinking water improvement etc., where it offers superior results with minimal dosage requirements.

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