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Methylglycine N,N-diacetic acid, Trisodium Salt(MGDA.Na3)

Methylglycine N,N-diacetic acid, Trisodium Salt (MGDA.Na3) is an organic compounds used in various applications. It is also known as Trisodium N-(1-carboxylatoethyl)iminodiacetate, methylglycinediacetic acid trisodium salt (MGDA-Na3), or trisodium α-DL-alanine diacetate (α-ADA). MGDA.Na3 is available as a 40-weight percent solution of Methylglycine N, N-diacetic acid trisodium salt in water and has typicals listed in table 1a. It can also be found in two varieties of crystalline Na3-MGDA and is recognizable via XRD analysis. MGDA.Na3 is a friendly chelating agent to replace NTA and EDTA and has various other applications such as bleach processing.

Product Description

CAS No.: 164462-16-2

Molecular Formula: C7H8NNa3O6           Molecular weight: 271.11

Structural Formula:

Methylglycine N,N-diacetic acid, Trisodium Salt(MGDA.Na3) Structural Formula

Property and Usage:

MGDA.Na3 is an excellent green chelating agent for a variety of applications. It has proven to be highly effective at removing difficult stains and bleaching while showing excellent toxicity, safety and biodegradability.

In addition to its impressive stain-fighting abilities, MGDA.Na3 can also form stable chelate complexes with metal ions in a wide range of pH levels, and it can even synergize with biocides in the system. This makes it suitable as a substitute for phosphonates, NTA, EDTA citrate, and other chelating agents commonly used in detergents.

MGDA.Na3 is also a useful stabilizer for sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate and works as an effective builder in non-phosphor detergent formulations. Its cleaning abilities are remarkable, too—it can prevent rancidity, color change, and dirt precipitation when added to soaps. And beyond that, it serves as both a scale remover and inhibitior, helping to clean indissolvable salt scales from various industries.


AppearanceColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Content %40.0 min
Chloride %5.0 max
pH (1% water solution)10.0-12.0
Density g/cm31.30 min

MGDA.Na3 Character:

MGDA.Na3 is a strong chelating agent with excellent chelation ability, which can replace traditional chelating agents. Its dosage should be adjusted according to the actual application and effects.

The typical chelating values for MGDA.Na3 are:

  • 60 mg Ca2+/g,
  • 95 mg Cu2+/g,
  • 95 mg Zn2+/g,
  • 80 mg Fe2+/g,
  • 35 mg Mg2+/g
  • 80 mg Mn2+/g

It has a wide pH scope and forms stable 1:1 chelate complexes with cations having a charge number of 2+. MGDA-Na3 is also listed on EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredients List in the United States.

How to Package and Store MGDA.Na3

MGDA.Na3 is a chemical compound often used in cleaning products and industrial processes. To ensure that the product is stored properly, it’s important to follow the proper packaging and storage guidelines.

When packaging MGDA.Na3, use an air-tight container made from glass or plastic. Make sure that there are no cracks or other openings that allow moisture or oxygen into the container, as this can reduce the product’s effectiveness or even cause it to become hazardous. Before sealing the container, add a desiccant packet to remove any extra moisture from the air inside the packaging.

Once packaged, store MGDA.Na3 is away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place for optimal shelf life and potency of the chemicals within it. It should also be kept away from heat, fire, and sparks as these can cause igniting and possible explosions if handled improperly. Do not store the product in areas with high humidity levels or exposure to weather conditions such as rain or snow since this could make it unusable after just a few hours of exposure. Finally, always keep MGDA.Na3 is out of reach of children, pets, and unauthorized personnel when mishandled due to its hazardous nature.

FAQS about MGDA.Na3

What is MGDA.Na3?

Methylglycine N,N-diacetic acid, Trisodium Salt(MGDA.Na3) is a white, crystalline powder that is used as a chelating agent and sequestering agent.

What are the uses of MGDA.Na3?

MGDA.Na3 can be used in a variety of industries, including cosmetics, detergents, food, and pharmaceuticals. It can be used as an anticoagulant, an emulsifier, or a stabilizer.

What are the benefits of MGDA.Na3?

MGDA.Na3 is a highly effective chelating agent and sequestering agent that can provide numerous benefits in various industries.

What are the side effects of MGDA.Na3?

There are no known side effects associated with MGDA.Na3.

How do I use MGDA.Na3?

The recommended dosage of MGDA.Na3 will vary depending on the application and industry in which it is being used.

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