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Dodecyl Tetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14)

Looking for a high-quality, affordable surfactant and detergent additive? Look no further than DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14) for Water Treatment Chemicals. This product is an excellent emulsifier and wetting agent, helping to break down dirt, oils, and other pollutants. Manufactured in China to the highest standards, DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14) for Water Treatment Chemicals is available at a competitive price. So if you're looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality surfactants and detergent additives, look no further than Dodecyl Tetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14) for Water Treatment Chemicals from china!

Product Description

CAS No. 3332-27-2

Molecular Formula: C16H35NO

Molecular weight: 257.46

Structural Formula:

DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14)
DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14)


AppearanceLight yellow transparent liquid
Active content, %28.0-32.0
Free amine, %1.0 max
PH(10% water solution)6.0-9.0


DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14) is a zwitterionic, amine oxide-based surfactant with a C14 (tetradecyl) alkyl tail. It is used as a foam stabilizer and hair conditioning agent in some shampoos and conditioners. DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14) is more effective against the common bacteria S. aureus and E. coli.


Dodecyl Tetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14) is primarily used in shampoos, making hair more supple and easier to comb. It produces a delicate foam with a rich luster. Additionally, it can be used as a cleaning agent for hard surfaces such as tableware, bathroom tiles, and building walls. This surfactant gives products thickness, enhances synergism, and reduces irritation.

Package and Storage:

DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide (OA-14) should be stored and packaged in a sealed container, away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight. The shelf life of the product is recommended to not exceed one year. 200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L),customers’ requirement. Storage for one year in shady room and dry place.










FAQs about DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide(OA-14):

What is DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide (OA-14)?
Answer: DodecylTetradecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide (OA-14) is an alkyl amine oxide surfactant that is commonly used in water treatment and other industrial applications. It is composed of three main components – dodecyl group, tetradecyl group, and dimethylamine oxide – which are combined to form a unique amphiphilic molecule. This molecule has both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties, allowing it to interact with both water molecules and organic compounds in solution.

How does OA-14 work?
OA-14 works by acting as an emulsifier between two different immiscible liquids, such as oil and water. The lipophilic portion of the molecule attaches itself to the oil while the hydrophilic portion attaches itself to the water molecules. This causes the two substances to be suspended together in a homogenous mixture known as an emulsion. This emulsion can then be utilized for a variety of applications including but not limited to wastewater treatment and degreasing solutions.

What are some common uses for OA-14?
OA-14 is often used in water treatment applications where it helps remove oils and greases from contaminated water streams. It is also commonly used in agricultural formulations as an insect repellent and fungicide, as well as being added to shampoos, conditioners, detergents, soaps, cosmetics, and other cleaning agents for improved foam formation or solubilization properties. Additionally, OA-14 has been found to provide effective corrosion inhibition under certain conditions when blended with other amines or secondary surfactants like alcohol ethoxylates or silicones.

What are the benefits of using OA-14?
The primary benefit of using OA-14 is its excellent ability to reduce surface tension between immiscible liquids due to its amphiphilic nature; this allows it to effectively emulsify oils into water streams more efficiently than most other types of surfactants or emulsifiers available on the market today. Additionally, it has a relatively low level of toxicity compared with many other commercial surfactants so it can be safely used in various industrial formulations without posing any major health risks when handled properly according to safety guidelines set forth by regulatory agencies like OSHA or EPA.

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